Versa 100

Master the Grill at Your Home Away From Home

No matter where life takes you, the Versa 100 can tag along. Grill the perfect food while traveling in your RV, on a boat or on the deck of your vacation condo. The Versa 100 Series combines luxury, power and versatility with portability to give you freedom to move.


Variable Grilling Surface

Variable Grilling Surface

Jackson Grills’ Variable Grilling Surface allows you to cook small portion sizes such as vegetables or prawns on narrow spaced rods and larger pieces such as full size steaks or chicken breasts on widely spaced rods.

Fully Integrated Grease Management System

Grease Management

The Versa 100 comes with a Fully Integrated Grease Management System that includes a built-in stainless steel grease cup, for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Versa 100

Key Features


Versatility in Cooking Performance

Portable Grilling

The Versa 100 provides a 12,000 BTU burner and 275 square inches of high-performance stainless steel cooking surface for a professional cooking experience with portability built-in. Take it with you or use it at home as your primary grill – it’s one high quality grill with many cooking applications.

Variable Cooking Surface

Variable Cooking Surface

The 1/4” stainless steel cooking surface has a Variable Grill Surface to accommodate different sizes of food. The rolling rods make clean-up easy.



The Versa 100 has a total weight of 50 pounds and is sized for people on the go: W24” x D19.25” x H17.75”. A variety of options are available to suit your needs.


Versa 100 Manual

Versa 100

Technical Specifications


Power & Size
Main Burners 1
Total BTU 10,000 BTU
Total Cooking Area 275 sq. in.
Ignition System High Powered Electronic Ignition System (battery operated)
Dimensions W24” x D19.25” x H17.75”
Weight 50 lbs. (assembled)
Quality & Style
Stainless Steel Burner Yes
Stainless Steel Flame Diffusers Yes
Stainless Steel Grill Grates Yes
Double Walled Roasting Hood Yes
Function & Convenience
Portable Yes
Hood Thermometer Included
Screw On short stainless legs Included
Grease Management Included (Fully Integrated System)
Port Regulator Included (Use with 1 lb. Cylinders ONLY) See optional Multi-Purpose Valve below, for larger Propane Tanks
Heavy Duty Griddle System Optional
Multi-Purpose Valve Optional (for Propane Tanks larger than 1 lb., or natural gas conversions.)
Propane Hose & Regulator Assembly Optional (5’; for use with multi-purpose valve)
Natural Gas Hose & Quick Disconnect Optional (10’; for use with multi-purpose valve)
Table Top Cover Optional
Full Length Cover Optional
Carry Bag Optional
Mounting System Options: Optional Patio Mount, Pedestal Mount, and Long Leg Mounting Kit.
Rail Mounting System Optional (For boat and ATV installation)
Marine Mount Adapter Optional (Fits Dickinson, Magma, Kuuma, and Force 10 marine accessory mounts)
Versa Tray Optional (clip on stainless steel work surface)
Heavy Duty Griddle System Optional
Rotisserie Kit Optional
Grillstone Optional (Rectangular: 7” x 13”)

Versa 100


Versa 100 Grill