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Keystone 550 Series BBQ

Add Warmth to Family Dinners

The Keystone 550 Cart Model offers the same high quality features as the Keystone 700, but in a smaller package. It’s the best value barbeque available for the dollar you spend. With a total grilling surface of 510 square inches (primary: 370 sq. in., secondary: 140 sq. in.), it provides ample space to prepare delicious family dinners, and the perfect solution for smaller decks and patios.


Variable Grilling Surface

Variable Grilling Surface

Jackson Grills’ Variable Grilling Surface allows you to cook smaller sized items such as vegetables or prawns on narrow spaced rods and larger pieces such as full size steaks or chicken breasts on widely spaced rods.

Flame Thrower Ignition System (Main Burners)

Flame Thrower Ignition System

Jackson Grills’ Flame Thrower Ignition System casts a flame across the side ports of the burner system for consistent, positive ignition. The igniter is well-concealed from grease and cooking debris to ensure longevity and performance.

keystone 550

Key Features


33,000 BTU of Grilling Power

Stainless Steel Burner

The Keystone 550 combines high quality features with attention to detail, for a total of 33,000 BTU of cooking power: 3 stainless steel main burners (11,000 BTU each).

Variable Cooking Surface

Variable Grill Surface

The 8mm 304 stainless steel cooking surface has a Variable Grill Surface to accommodate different sizes of food.

Excellent Heat Retention & Penetration

Stainless Steel Grill Rods

Stainless steel heavy duty grill rods (8mm) retain heat so you can achieve an effective sear on both sides of your meat. The heavy mass of this grilling surface allows for great heat penetration right to the core of the food you are grilling.

Easy Maintenance

Grease Management

Maintenance is easy with the Keystone 550. The front-loaded grease management system is easily accessible and the burners are easy to remove for cleaning.

Fold Down Side ShelvesSIde Shelf

This grill was designed so you can get the most of your outdoor space. With this in mind, the side shelves are designed to be collapsed down, flush with the sides of the grill.


keystone 550

Technical Specifications


Power & Size keystone 550 Cart ModelCart Model

(JKS550 -LP)
Main Burners 3 (11,000 BTU each)
Total BTU 33,000 BTU
Total Cooking Area 510 sq. in. (Primary:370 sq. in. Secondary: 140 sq. in.)
Ignition System (no batteries required) Flame Thrower
Stainless Steel Burners
orange check mark
Stainless Steel Flame Diffusers
orange check mark
Stainless Steel VGS 8mm Grills
orange check mark
Stainless Steel Firebox
orange check mark
Easy Access Front Access Grease Management System
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Powder Coated Steel Pedestal System
orange check mark
Heavy Duty Four Way Swivel Wheels
orange check mark
Folding Side Shelves
orange check mark
Folding Side Shelves
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HD Barbeque Cover
Accessory Pegs
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Smoker Box Optional
Island Grillstone™ Optional (Square, Round, Rectangle)
Industry Leading Warranty
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Approximately 15 Minutes

*Click here for specific warranty details

keystone 550




keystone 550 Grill


keystone 550 Grill


 Keystone 550 grill with cart